• OPEN up to the socksy world of Chaton Gonflable and discover our range of playful and sustainable socks made in France.

  • Lovingly Made in France, edgily designed in Switzerland. 

  • Stylish, Colorful, Organic & Comfortable

    Chaton Gonflable is a fun-loving and eco-conscious apparel/ fashion label, founded by Pierre-Lou in 2023.

  • Pierre-Lou is a self-confessed socks-addict, a former (yet young) executive who left the traditional corporate world to reinvent himself as a socks-worker. He loves Heidi and Nikki Minaj, the Swiss mountains and the Parisian streets, bridging the gaps between polar-opposite environments and bringing more cool-minded people into his socks ring.

  • Chaton Gonflable means Inflatable Kittens in French. Don’t ask why.

Featured in Sami Galbi - DAKCHI HANI